Vegan Fajitas

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Think it’s impossible to have smoky, savory fajitas without eating meat? I would like to introduce you to my newest creation – MEEF. It looks and tastes like beef but is made of mushrooms. These fajitas are just as delicious and satisfying as regular fajitas, but they are WAY healthier for you. I know you will love this quick and easy meal. Check out the sour cream, guacamole, and salsa recipes that will complement the fajitas perfectly.


Vegan Tacos

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These healthy tacos have all the same stuff as regular tacos : cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and spicy taco meef. That’s right meef – looks and tastes like beef but is made of mushrooms. You won’t be able to tell the difference between this and regular ground beef. You can have your taco on a whole grain tortilla or wrapped in leafy greens for extra health benefits. Top your tacos with dairy free sour cream, dairy free cheddar sauce, salsa and guacamole for a healthy, filling, delicious meal.


Side Dishes:

Dairy Free Sour Cream

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Do you love sour cream, but not the way you feel after you eat it? I’ve created the perfect solution for individuals who need to stay away from dairy but don’t want to give up sour cream. This nut based sour cream is smooth and tangy just like the real stuff, and it’s full of healthy probiotics that improve digestion and boost your immune system.
NOTE: You will need a high speed blender for this recipe (such as Vita Mix or Blend Tech).


Pico de Gallo

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This fresh and spicy salsa is the perfect complement to tacos, fajitas, chips, taco salad, or add it to vegan cheese sauce to make a yummy nacho cheese dip.


Refried Beans

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Yes, it’s possible to have creamy, full flavor refried beans without the hydrogenated oil and excessive salt in regular refried beans. These refried beans are quick, easy, healthy and offer a gourmet flavor that will win you over immediately. Because they are soaked ahead of time, they are extra nutritious and easy to digest.




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