Pineapple Citrus and Mint Fruit Salad


1 ripe pineapple

6 grapefruits

3 oranges

8-12 limes (start with 8 and add more after tasting if necessary for tarter flavor)

1-2 lbs green grapes

½ – 1 cup honey (more or less to taste)

1 cup fresh mint leaves



Peel and core pineapple, and cut in to small tidbits.  Cut grapefruits in half.  Using grapefruit spoon, carefully cut out each section.  Put sections into bowl.  Squeeze rest of juice out of grapefruit into blender.  Peel oranges and part them into sections. Cut sections into bite size pieces and put in bowl.  Juice limes and put juice in blender.  Cut grapes in half and put in bowl.  Stack mint leaves and cut into thin strips then add to bowl.  Mix fruit together in bowl.  Add honey to blender, and blend with juice until smooth.  Taste and adjust the tartness and sweetness to your preference.  Pour juice over fruit, mix well, chill and serve.




This fruit salad is also delicious served over a bed of greens (spinach or romaine) with raspberries or strawberry slices.


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